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My name is Anparasan Sivakumaran, also known as Anpu and I was born in London. I am a YouTuber and filmmaker with 5 million views and 64,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel. I am also of Tamil ethnicity and my work explores identity, culture and development.


I teach British English and elocution on YouTube as I believe everyone should have access to education to improve their lives. I grew up in South London and I developed a British Accent. However, a 'British Accent' is very vague because there are many different accents throughout the UK. My accent is more accurately called Received Pronunciation (RP) which is an accent of spoken English most common in the south of England.


Other accents in the south of England include Cockney and Estuary. London is such an ethnically diverse city which is home to a myriad of cultures and languages. I am surrounded by hundreds of accents every day and this is where my interest in accents began. It is very important to be able to understand these different accents in a place of work or social setting. Communication is key to forming a healthy relationship.